Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not So Happy Days!

The film is aimed at showing how Sinas Chinam (Baselss Hatred) affects a persons life. The film was shown to many students at Hasmonean High School of North-West London UK, and got a positive response.


eradicate bullies NOW said...

Unfortunately, I was Morris when i was in school (though not to such a degree). my parents and teachers never believed me. Baruch Hashem i came through it.

a note to parents and teachers watching this:
THIS TYPE OF STUFF DOES HAPPEN! when a child complains he has been bullied-believe the child. and yes-being bullied as a kid can have serious effects on a child when he grows up.

a note to school children watching this:

This should be show in every school.

Anonymous said...

British snobs. why do they have to wear a suit and tie to school when they r only 13?

The Happy Team @ Hasmonean High School for Boys said...

As one of the directors and producers of this film i feel honored that it has had so many hits.

'Eradicate bullies now', I am sorry that this happened to you when you were younger. Sadly cases like this do happen and i have been witness to such cases. If only I could have seen your post before we showed it to the school then i could have delivered your notes over to the school in the brief introduction.

IN regards to the second comment about the british snobs... I am 16!!!

If anyone knows of a Morris, I would suggest that you suggest to him some kind of support service as major consequences could happen as demonstrated in this film (which is based on a true story!)

I wish everyone a new year full of only good and hopefully the speedy arrival of the moshiach tzidkeinu.
Bvirkas Kol Tov.

Anonymous said...

i wish they would show this in my school