Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Day With The Satmar Rabbi In New Hampshire

Satmar Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum Vacationing In Bethlehem, New Hampshire Summer 2009


Anonymous said...

In the middle of this clip you hear the way he is talking about the custom in Lubavitch that even today - after the Lubavitcher Rebbe passes away- the custom is to still say his daily Kapitel Tehillim. Not sure if he is making fun of this or showing respect how Chassidim rever their Rebbe till today. You decide.

Eli said...

for sure he is making fun ! he is known for that ! but about the custom what he is talking about i think its smells from Moshiach shtik !!!!

Anonymous said...

He says "s'nisht pushit". Seems as if he is mechashev the inyan. Why doesn't Rabbi Denenbeim, his host in the Chabad of Palm Springs, ask him what he meant.

B'chlal these people are low lifes! Misnagdim with shventz on their heads.