Friday, July 31, 2009

Avrahahm Fried Aderaba Music Video

Avrahahm Fried singing Aderaba. The audio sounds like it is straight from the original album. The video was probably done for an Israeli TV channel or something. Judging form his looks and especially his glasses, this has to be at least a good fifteen years back.


crownvail said...

Doesn’t sound like it’s from the album, though the back round noise, it might just be background music. but ill tell you what,
Its d—-- nice. Is the rest of the song available?

Ben said...

Looks like its Lev Levaev at 2:03, and a few more times during the clip. what do you think Lucky Wolf?

Lucky Wolf said...

Could be but then it could also be just another guy from Bukhara.