Monday, May 04, 2009

The Language of Yiddish

Actor/Comedian Corey Kotler host The webs 1st all Jewish social network for singles as well as friends and families. This is Corey's 1st blog as the web sites resident Rabbi where he's discussing the finer points of the Yiddish language.


Anonymous said...

very very shvach!! thats not 31 words for shmuck. its 31 totally unrelated words. what a fool.

Unknown said...

Dear Anonymous BitterBlogger;
Corey Kotler's funny and your just to square to get him. This guy's absolutly without a doubt the next Jackie Mason! I think he's f--kin brilliant! Corey is taking Yiddish(an almost dead language) and making it hip again. We've all heard alta-cockers grunt these words. It's never dawned on me that "YES!" in Yiddish we do have so many subcatagories to belittle people. So actually Mr. Anonymous Bitter Blogger, your completly wrong! Go back to rehashing tired rabinical interpertations...until that is, Corey Kotler decided to make them funny. Key-pa's off to this hot new Yiddish comic! Ya gotta love him!