Sunday, March 29, 2009

J Post Article on The Ben Nitay/Binyamin Netanyahu 1978 Video

Remember that video we posted last week with Benyamin Netanyahu at the age of 28 1978?

Well The Jerusalem Post caught on to the video and did a little writeup on the video. Answering some question we initially had, in regards to where or what the video was all about.

"Who is Ben Nitay, and why does he look so much like Binyamin Netanyahu?

A familiar figure features in a YouTube video currently circulating the Web. It's a 28-year-old economic consultant whose appearance, expression and political opinions match Likud chief Binyamin Netanyahu's in every way. The only difference is the name: Benjamin Nitay.

The 10-minute clip, filmed in 1978 as part of a local Boston TV debate show called The Advocate, presents the future PM as a "witness" as to whether the United States should support the creation of a Palestinian state.

Netanyahu applied to have his name changed to "Ben Nitay" in the 1970s while living in America. His historian father, Benzion, occasionally wrote using the alias "Nitay," and Binyamin Netanyahu adopted the name because Americans found it easier to pronounce.

Netanyahu studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, both in the Boston area, and worked at the Boston Consulting Group, an international business consulting firm, during the show's filming.

In the show, he is called as a "first witness" in the mock court case scenario that the TV program employed. He is introduced as "a graduate of MIT, an Israeli and a man who has written widely on the question [of a Palestinian state]."Click here for the full article.

HT: VIN News.

Here is the video we originally posted.


Anonymous said...

Hey, the video is gone - can you post again?

Anonymous said...

Hey the video is gone, can you post again?

Anonymous said...

the video is down. does anyone know how to get it back up?

Lucky Wolf said...

The original video was removed by the author/uploader for some unknown reason. But here it is again through a different person who just uploaded it.