Friday, March 06, 2009

Caption Anyone?

This is a real photo from the Event at MSG last Sunday night.

Sent in by a Gruntig reader "While Lipa was singing his heart out, i noticed how the person(s) to my left were enjoying the concert!

Submit your caption of the photo through the comments section below.

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Anonymous said...

is was during the song shelo asani goy!

Chris L. said...

Security, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Lipa sings lullaby as his fans fall asleep!

menachem mendel sztillerman said...

by the way that guy in the picture happens to be an observant jew he just happens to not have a yarmulka or tzitzis because he relly works for the c.i.a thy were really suspicious for any terrorist activity going on there its not right to make fun of another jew like saying it was during the song "sheli asany giy" just because he doesn't look like a jew doesn't mean hes not one!...
and by the way cris l. you happened to be right that he is relly there for are security!...and you should thank him!!