Monday, March 09, 2009

2222 Toothpicks in His Beard

From the author: "After watching Beardpick put 2000 toothpicks in his beard, I just had to try it. Of course I had to put more in so I went to 2222. I was going to go for 3000 but 2222 was a better number to me.

Many people have asked so here goes:

- I've been growing this beard for about a year and a half when we made the video.

- It took about an hour and a half to do this, stopping for pictures and such along the way.

- I stopped before 3000 just because it was taking a long time, there was plenty more room. That just means I can go back and go higher if I do it again!

- I picked 2222 because it was a cool number to stop at and just fun to say!

- We know it was 2222 because each box has 1000, we used two boxes, then counted out 222 from the 3rd box."

BTW for those for you who are wondering, this guy is NOT Lubavitch!

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