Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Yellow Mobile Seized

In case you haven’t realized, particularly if you’re not from Crown Heights, but the "Yellow Mobile" AKA the Moshiach Mobile has lately not been seen as it usually would, driving around the streets of Brooklyn. Although not confirmed, reports have reached Gruntig that the infamous Yellow Mobile has in fact been confiscated by the great City of NY for not paying its traffic tickets and for its lack of payments for the leas of the vehicle.

Guess the Big-Event wasn’t the only disappointment of recent time.

Click the image below to view the list of violations and fines, (over $3000.00).


Anonymous said...

this is not a disappointment, and hopefully it will be gone for good

Anonymous said...

check the outstanding tickets on the vehicle at this link: and select parking tickets and put the plate number which is "EEJ2450" state is ny and it's a pas and you'll see the tickets and balance,

Anonymous said...

What will be next, thy send it in to the junk yard, or maybe put it for sale? And then some-1 can maybe get a good deal for a Cadillac:)

Anonymous said...

who is this car registered to, who is its owner?