Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why I Think Lipa did the Right Thing!

As much as I would hate to see the concert canceled and not go on, I still think Lipa did the right thing by backing out. Not because I’m in support of the ban and don’t want to see the concert occur, but for rather just the opposite reason.

When someone wants to throw you a fight you don’t let him choose the battle field. You’ve got to choose your own battle field, your own turf and your own ammunition.

As much as Lipa himself denies it, it still is pretty clear, from the style and text of the ban that it was a personal attack on Lipa. Sheya Mendlowitz while on with Zev Brenner confirmed it himself. So when Lipa was approached by his critics and punched in the face, instead of following his instinct and punching the guy back,

- which bedsides for giving the instigator the satisfaction of knowing that they got you angry, would also allow the perpetrator to take it where he really wanted it to go and punch you even harder-

Instead Lipa said "You wanted a fight? Well you're not getting one", at least not the fight you wanted.

They wanted to attack Lipa hoping he would fight back and then they would really be excited. But instead Lipa said no, not this time. You can imagine the letdown these troublemakers felt. Not only will they not get the fight they so desired but the fight will be taken right back on to them. Sheya Mendlowitz, the sponsors and whoever else invested money - thousands of dollars - into this production should all get together and take these people to a Din Torah and have them explain for themselves where they take the right to cause a loss of this caliber for something that is Muter al Pi Torah. A Kosher Jewish concert is permitted according to Torah, Onoas Mamon and Onoas Devarim are not! Causing others financial loss of any sort and surly of this nature is absolutely Asur!

Don't tell me the Rabonim Zolen Zei Zein Gezunt signed it and it's Daas Torah, because if these same people had a different agenda, a healthier agenda they could have found another 32 Rabonim and gotten them to sign a Haskamah for the concert! I don't think it would have even taken different Rabonim. If they would have only said different things, encouraging things, they could have gotten many of these same 32 Rabonim to have a total different approach and convince them to actually agree to the concert. Had they told the Rabonim how there were plans for separate seating there, how beneficial and therapeutic music can be, how many souls it has uplifted and it’s Chodesh Adar after all! Had they only spoken with the producers beforehand and learned that any song with non-Jewish origins will not be played at the concert, and related this and all of the above to the Rabonim, I would have to think they could have gotten many of these same Rabonim to give their encouragement for such an event.

Instead these people let their emotions carry them away. I’m sure these people originally had all the right intentions, but when you don’t bring you mind down into your emotions and control them totally, the wrong outcome can C"V take place. Even things that are Darchei Torah V’Hamitzvos, like objecting and encouraging another to keep the Torah etc. since its being done only out of emotion it is inevitable that some no-good will C’V emerge.

What I think the next ban ought to be? A ban against causing financial and emotional distress to another.


Anonymous said...

Some right wing extremist wacko (the same type who pushed the made up Indian hair agenda and got women in Israel to burn their wigs in the streets) got Hamodia to print this "made up" kol koreh on a full page.
I say "made up" because there’s no way all the rabbanim approved this kol koreh and missed the grammatical errors.
Once the kol koreh was printed, the rabbanim were in a catch 22.
If they say they didn’t sign it, this not only brings in to question every future kol koreh that may be issued, but also indicates that they are not in control of even their own words.
On the other hand none of them wanted to back the kol koreh publicly because it really is not something they felt needs to be banned in America at this point.
As anyone with a little sechel can realize of all the concerts, this was not the one to ban. When compared to the junk HASC puts out (mixed seating, non Jewish juggeling acts singing hava nagilah), Lipas separate seating concert could only be a step up. Even if the rabbanim would asser a concert they would not start with this one.
The problem was that as this issue gained momentum and exploded, with people making fun of rabbonim, then and only then, was the catch 22 resolved. The rabbonim needed to take a stance and protect kavod hatorah as well as the sanctity of daas torah.
Once they were in this situation, it became evident that taking a stance to protect kavod hatorah became more important than the downside of backing a kol koreh that they did not sign in the first place.
As it turns out assering concerts in America is only a byproduct of the rabbanim being forced in to taking a stance to protect daas torah.
Does anyone really think the rabbanim in america want to be busy with this now? Do you really think they want to be involved in addressing all the issues that result, including dealing with the status of all the concerts that are currently being advertised (Dachs, Shweky, Pruz, etc...)? Of course they realize that this there are far more important things they need to dedicate time to, but they were jammed in to a corner, and this was the only way out.
What has been covered up here was the fact that the Hamodia printed this fake kol koreh to push an agenda to the forefront, and was successful at shoving this agenda down the throats of all of us including the rabbanim themselves. Their plan worked so well, no one even realizes what went on, and they are laughing all the way to the mikvah…

Anonymous said...

what a balony!!! hear this

AS said...

Excellent post!

Anonymous said...

You are all koferim! How dare you contradict what the rabbanim have said is asur! Who gives you the right to say whatt is write or wrong! you are just angry so you want to put your anger at the gedolim! ho[pefully one day you will understand that what a gadolim say is true and are said with knowledge of torah.If not...Nebach

Anonymous said...

yasher koach for your boich sevarah


Lucky Wolf said...

Anon 933, you sound more angry then anyone else here.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Koffer accuser, it's pretty clear that the rabonim are not the ones being blamed, he is blaming the ones that convicted and twisted the rabonim