Friday, February 22, 2008

Sheya Mendlowitz & Shloime Gertner on The Nachum Segal Show

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On Wednesday a full page advertisement was printed in the Hamodia Newspaper where many esteemed Rabonim banned the “Big Event” concert where on March 9th Lipa Schmeltzer and Shloime Gertner were scheduled to perform. It was also written that Shloime Gertner had backed out of the concert and will not perform. Reportedly there were subsequent flyers distributed that condemned this “Ban” as forged and phony.

The next day, Thursday night on the Nachum Segal radio Show, Nachum interviewed Sheya Mendlowitz & Shloime Gertner about their upcoming and now controversial concert "The Big Event".

Amidst all the talk and commotion, not one word about any of the above was mentioned during the interview.

Talk about strategy!

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yoeli m'satmar said...

I think that we should all stop listening to Lipa since he didn't back out. Does anyone know why?