Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lipa's Sister: Looks Like Concert is Canceled! Sheya Mendlowitz: Nothing is Canceled!

On Zev Brenner's weekly Motzei Shabbos radio show, there was a detailed and heated discussion about the Big Event concert and its recent ban which was just recently issued by many different Rabonim.

Zev had Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum on the show who discussed different issues regarding this subject, and he later accepted phone calls from listeners. One caller, a women who identified herself as Lipa Schmeltzer's sister, said she was involved behind the scenes and that as of now it does not look like the concert will take place!

The program concluded with a phone call from Sheya Mendlowitz the producer of the concert, who described in detail the answers to many of our questions. Sheya first explained that he is Chas Vesholom not in any way against the Rabonim and he will not do anything that is against them. The first time he said to have heard about the ban was through the web media and the newspapers. "No one approached us beforehand to try and work thing out Bederech Shalom" he said. He described the whole ban, mainly as a direct attack on Lipa who according to Sheya has been under attack for a long time.

Sheya concluded that as of now nothing is canceled and everything will go on as scheduled. “We are in the midst of negotiating and dealing with Rabonim”, and reiterated, “nothing will C"V take place which is against the views and opinions of the Rabonim, "Whatever happens, happens, we'll see". What I want, what I truly want" he said, "is what the one above wants."

We will try our best to retrieve a recording of the show so that you can hear first hand all the discussions.

Update: Here is the audio of Sheya Mendlowitz on the Zev Brenner Show.

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Anonymous said...

EXCLUSIVE: Lipa Schmeltzer Backs Out Of Big Event Concert!
February 24, 2008
There has been much talk regarding the Kol Koreh issued by Gedoley Yisroel banning the “Big Event Concert”. Rumors were being spread as to the status of the massive show - which was scheduled for March 9 in Madison Square Garden.

Many people were questioning us why we did not post anything. YWN had consulted with leading Gedolim, and we were instructed not to post anything regarding this issue until now.

Yeshiva World has just spoken to Lipa Schmeltzer (Motzei Shabbos 5:45AM EST) and he has informed us that he will not be singing at the “Big Event Concert”. This decision was reached after he consulted with Daas Torah, and talking to leading Gedoley Yisroel.

Lipa Schmeltzer must be publicly commended for listening to the words and wisdom of true Gedoley Yisroel.

Lipa tells YWN that many people have had issues with the type of material that he has been singing during his career. He always chose to ignore the requests of some of his fans to change his style of singing. Although he did have certain standards that he always kept (never singing for mixed crowds), he many time decided to follow the customers requests - and sing questionable tunes.

Lipa now has decided to make a big change. He has decided to turn over a leaf, and will be changing his entire style of music. He has decided that he does not think that the current style of Jewish music is apropos for Frum people to be listening to.

The past week has been very tough for Lipa and his family. Tough decisions have been made. Major decisions. Decisions about money. Decisions about his future. But Lipa has made the correct decision.

Lipa has met with many Gedoley Yisroel in the past two days, and spent countless hours talking to them. He has decided to forfeit a large sum of money by not singing this concert - and instead chose Daas Torah.

We are sure that Hashem will pay him back double for making the correct decision, and being Mikadesh Shem Shomayim!

Lipa also tells us that he is very concerned that there will be a backlash at the Rabbonim. He is publicly asking everyone to please refrain from making any accusations against any Rabbonim. “There is no reason for anyone to mix into this business, and everyone should rest assured that this was all done Bishalom”, Lipa said. “I don’t want anyone to talk Lashon Hara and Motzei Shem Ra against anyone - especially the Gedolim whom I have tremendous respect for”.

“I have recently started learning Bichavrusa with a leading Rosh Yeshiva, and I promised him that I will never sing any songs which were composed by non-Jews. Being true to my word, I have sang at more then a dozen Chasuna’s since I made that decision - and I have not sang “Yidden”, “Abi-Mileibt”, or “Numa” (Rabbi Nachman M’uman) or any other song that is questionable as to its origin”, Lipa told YWN.

“People should know that this Kol Koreh and ban against The Big Event was not directed at me personally, but at all concerts in general. The Rabbonim felt the need to put their foot down and attempt to stop all future concerts in NY.”

For any further information regarding the status of the Big Event Concert, please call the concert hotline at 718-873-0888

Anonymous said...

kudos to sheya for agreeing to listen to whatever the rabbis say. if it was me i dont think i would be able to agree to something that put my parnasa in jeapordy.

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I think Lipa is otu of the picture... see here...!.html

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