Monday, December 17, 2007

Why all the Anger Here?

There has been an outpour of rage regarding a video that was posted on YouTube last week. The video which (was posted last week on Grutnig, and) has since been removed from the Internet, seemed to be from a cell phone camera or a digital photo camera. It contained footage of the fifth grade class of the Vien Yeshiva in Brooklyn during their recces. there were two or three videos and neither of them were longer then one minute.

The uproar - which has caused only more publicity of the videos and other negative consequences as well as to the teacher who is the author of the videos - seemed to be instigated by The Yeshiva World who posted a letter from a reader about the videos. Consequently there were many comments by readers left there.

I think this was exaggerated and taken out of proportion, as there are many videos of Chasidisher children in cheder posted on the net and many were featured on this site (here is one example). So why all the outrage here? Playing around with someones Parnasah is playing with fire!

Gruntig being the first to post the video(s) (excluding YouTube itself) regrets and apologises if it has in any way contributed to this mess. It was never our intention or even our thinking that this could cause the effects that occurred.

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