Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The War of The Cameras

(Once we fought wars with swords then guns then planes, now "video cameras!").

On October 14Th, the ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America)reserved the theme park "Six Flags Over Texas" in Arlington, Texas, as the Muslim Family Day, so that Muslim families could enjoy the park together. Reserving a theme park is a common practice for church groups, and Six Flags usually allows it when the park attendance is expected to be low. An organization called "Americans against Hate", headed by Joe Kaufman held posters in front of the park to protest the organization for allegedly co-conspiring to give money to the Holy Land Foundation which is still on trial for alleged connections to Hamas.

It was this connection that caused them to hold posters bearing "Six Flags over Terrorists" and "Holy Land Foundation Guilty", informing every driver that passed by in his or her car.

The following is a quote from owner of this video."Joe Kaufman is known for getting in the face of people and taping them. He did so to Rabbi Michael Feinburg in New York and got praise from FOX News for it. So we thought that we should return him the favor and videotape him the duration he was protesting. So we did so silently, but as expected, Joe Kaufman started getting irritated, called the police and tried to engage in a debate that he thought he could heat up in front of the police. But the police didn't buy it and we just carried on taping him. Pretty soon though, fearing violence, the police requested us the stand at a distance. We complied and the rest is in the video".

For the full video of Michael Feinburg taken by Joe Kaufman click here.

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