Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shlomo Carlebach's Levaya

Shlomo Carlebach Funeral, October 23 1994.

Here are some notes and excerpts of different Hespeidem.

"I go back with you Reb Shlomo a very long time, my whole life... i still remember the stories you told me in Crown Heights, when you came to America...
You were a talmid of Rav Ahron Kotler in Lakewood when it was difficult to gain entrance to the Yeshiva and you became one of his close talmidem."

"The Lubavitcher Rebbe Said Lech Licho M'Artzecha, go Out and don't think about yourself and start being mekarev other people, Shlomo stopped thinking about himself and gave up everything".

I like the latter's example of Avraham Avinu how he had Nisoyon after Nisoyon.

Zalman Schechter cannot stand under the canopy since he is a Kohen!
His Hesped:
"Don't let them convince you to make a concert. Don't go inside (Gan eden) until they fulfill all your request that you made for all of Klal Yisroel... otherwise don't go. They wont let you go (anywhere else) only there. you need to be in Gan Eden and you will be in Gan Eden, but don't give them a concert. they should first give what is needed by Jews on this world".

The crying gets pretty intense at times.


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lucky wolf you know that i dont appreciate clips form this man so you forced me to comment once again


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this is a gevalt its amazing thank you for posting it