Friday, October 19, 2007

An Historic Story for an Historic Song

The very popular "Goodbye Gan Yisroel" which is sung in all CGI's, was first used in CGI Montral 1992's Color War. When they sang the song at the grand sing, a boy by the name of Yoni Geladi had a solo. The Boy came from a nonreligious home, (if i remember correctly his father was not Jewish and served as a priest), and during his performance the boy broke down crying.

At the banquet of that summer he once more sang his part. Here is a video of that event.

Banquet of CGI Montreal 92.


Anonymous said...

there is video of him at the first performance when he broke down crying.
btw... his father was a mormon, they were from Utah.

Anonymous said...

is the video on the net?

does anyone know what ever happend to this kid? (who is no more a kid!)