Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Anti Photography Rabbi

At a May 5 2007 demonstration against CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) New York conducted by the terrorism watchdog group Americans Against Hate [AAH], the group’s chairman, Joe Kaufman was accosted by Michael Feinberg.

As this video demonstrates, Feinberg’s intervention bordered on assault, with the video depicting him shoving towards Kaufman, hitting his camera, while calling Kaufman a Nazi several times and signing off eloquently with, “Go home you thugs”

Listen he's very frum and he does not want to be photographed. He's got good company!

For more on the CAIR's demonstration click here.
For more on Rabbi Feinberg's confrontation click here.

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Lucky Wolf said...

on the google page the uploader of the video wrote "...and signing off eloquently with, “Go home you _uck" when he clearly said "thugs". no four letter word was said.