Monday, September 24, 2007

Harav Savage: All Frum Jews Have Guns!

Talk Radio host and entertainer Michael Savage says all Orthodox Jews have Guns.
It makes you wonder what else he says is from his Tuchis.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what else gruntig says which is straight from his Tuchis. He said "every orthodox Jewish person I have ever met is a vehement gun owner", (which you have no way of disproving) so don't attribute to him something he never said the way you did in your lying headline. It's ok not to like savage. It's not ok to make up lies about him.

By the way let me be clear. I'm sure that over the years (in his thousands (hundreds?) of hours on the the air) he has said things that are bs, but that doesn't give you any right to twist his words (which I incidentally think was a stupid thing to say) into saying something he never said.

By the way I love your blog

Howard from Northbrook IL

Lucky Wolf said...


Allthough his exact wording was "every Jewish person i have ever met own a gun" what he said still gives the impression that he feels that way about all orthodox Jews.

Having said that, still I do know of a few orthodox Jews that savage has actually met, they don't have guns. Even if I did not know that, do you really think that every orthodox Jew he met own one?!
I know thousands of orthodox Jews and I don't know a single one who does!

Don't get me wrong, i love listening to Savage. He says what he feels, like no one else can.

and BTW thanks for loving my Blog;-)