Monday, June 18, 2007

M.B.D. Sings Daddy Dear with Chaim Stern

Mordechai Ben David Sings Daddy Dear with child soloist Chaim Stern.
At the 3M's Event, London 2007.

I belive this is the same boy who sings "Shema Beni" on Shloime Gertner's album.

For another Video of Daddy Dear click here.


Anonymous said...

Kid has a very nice voice, but it could have been song nicer.

Anonymous said...

RIGHT here is a link of him singing Shma with Shloimy (if u haven't seen yet)

wanderer said...

I hate hearing MBD singing all these songs. I hope you know that it's not hi song, and that it was on some movie in the 60's and the same is true with "yiddin, yiddin" from MBD also. I can't believe he still goes around singing this stuff!

Lucky Wolf said...

Those two songs were revealed, there are many more that you’re not aware of which were also taken from goyisher sources.

But it's no secret, and i dont really care. Except that after seeing the original "Yidden" you get a bad taste. i dont feel that way however, with regards to the Daddy Dear video.

And BTW i do know that this is not his song. For I was the one who put the video together, (the original Daddy dear).

Lucky Wolf said...

Thanks. i have seen the video, just haven’t found the right opportunity to post it.