Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MBD with "Hineni"

Mordechai Ben David Sings "Hineni" a song from one of his earliest albums.
At the first Ohel Concert, Rosh Chodesh Adar 5757/1997.

A Gruntig Exclusive!


A dark cloud of despair surrounds your heart, disillusion with life your face imparts. You are wandering in a world of confusion, reality is hidden behind the web of illusion.

Chorus: So my brothers, put your faith in the Above, say "Hineni," i am ready to serve you with love.

The truth lies at the end of a forest dense, your heart is your compass your spiritual sense. Let it lead you along the right road and let the words of the Torah be your navigational code.

Our father Abraham was called by G-D to sacrifice his son, with the cry of Hinenni this deed was done. Now what will become of our father's devotion, if we wont say Hineni, in our every emotion.Chorus: So my brother....

Our forefathers smiled as they died in peace, but the cries they began will never cease. The words they cried shook the heavens above, they said Hineni, we are here with love. Chorus: So my brother....


Anonymous said...

thats the mbd i once loved.

Anonymous said...

He is not even in his prime here, nevertheless he is still amazing!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely AMAZING the true KING of Jewish music!!!!!!!!