Saturday, February 24, 2007

Rabbi Elon on Yom Yerushalaim 2005

Rav Mordechai (Motti) Elon, on Yom Yerushalaim, having a Farbrengin with all of Yeshivat-Hakotel and whoever else. It was huge in yeshiva and these are some clips of the night.

It took place a few months before the disengagement so its obvious what was on every one's mind.

It's a bit of a long video but there are some nice parts to it.

Where is the Mashkeh?!

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Anonymous said...

this is must have been such a holy night!
Who is this rabbi? On some parts he looks like if he's in direct communication with God! Is he a really holy man?
You got more stuff from him? Divrei Torah or Niggunim, whichever.
He speaks english?