Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Public Poll Please Vote

In regard to our earlier post entitled Pressure from A Mashpia we have created a poll for you to vote.

Please vote and let us know your opinion.

Do you think Gruntig should listen to its Mashpia & close down its site?
Yes. It's pure Bitul Torah!
No. It's Mesameach Yidden
Not Sure. It's a tough one
Don't Care. Do what ever you want
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Anonymous said...

Youre asking for an opinion if you should listen to your mashpia?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

I know a few bochurim who before sitting down and learning Torah,Mishnayis,Gemorah,Chassidiss etc. Go online to quickly check a site before they know it they have wasted HOURS- precious time- online. Being bitul torah and exposing themselves to the danger of the internet.
* What ever happened to the days when chassidim only ate a piece of bread and drank a few cups of water a day- so that they should not be so busy eating which would chas v'sholom cause them to be bitul torah.
the matter of bitul torah MUST be studied seriously by every bochur.

Anonymous said...

not to be-little betul torah, but...

Is "bitul Torah" the ONLY REASON that you can reluctantly find to possibly listen to your mashpia?!

*REMINDER* the last sicha befor 22 shvat (and others after - see this past weeks living torah) the rebbe makes it very clear - after 22 Shvat/3 tammuz this is what will be our way of knowing what to do!

Anonymous said...

it depends on
1)your intentions
2)if your obssessed
3)is it part time for you
4)are you sacrificing other important things?

but we love it, just get rid of all that Avraham Freid/Miami boys crap

Anonymous said...

"but we love it, just get rid of all that Avraham Freid/Miami boys crap".

why u say that? i like thoase stuff!