Friday, February 23, 2007

Israeli Persecution

Corrupt elements in the Israeli government offices keep on persecuting the Rabbi Uzi Meshulam (who brought the kidnapped Yemenite children issue to public awareness).Those elements made a well planned character assassination to him by the media and finally arrested him. While being in jail, they injected mysterious materials that harmed essential systems of his body like the leaver, pancreas. The result was a total collapse of his body. Thank god they couldn't harm his brain soul and spirit.

Nowadays they keep on persecuting his eldest son Emanuel Yedida. They forced him to leave Israel threatening him that if he won't they will frame his father, him and to make it real, some of the rabbi's students with murder case!
He asked for asylum in Canada and now the foreign ministry is asking Canada to decline Emanuel's humanitarian request.

Warning! Video contains slightly graphic content.

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