Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pressure From A Mashpia

As Gruntig approaches its first anniversary of its launching (February 26 2006)it is receiving strong pressure from its personal Mashpia to shut down its site.
Grunting which is under pressure from other sources to remain on the web has not yet made a final decision whether or not to listen to its Rav regarding this issue.

However as a compromise it will decrease in its updates on these days, the days leading up to the special day of Yud Shevat.

May you take a lesson from the strong character of Gruntig that you too should spend less time on the web and spend more time with the books. especially on these special days leading up to Yud Shevat. For after all "Chabad Mont Doch Pneimios"!

Pictured on the left, one of the Mashpiem of 770: Hamashpia Harav Dovid Mandelbaum in his younger years.
PS. if anyone knows the identity of the man on the right please post it.


Anonymous said...

Yossi Chitrik - tzfas

Shiurim said...

Please do not shut down the site. It is your contribution to the Moshiach Campaign, being mesameach and modia yidden. You are helping us reach the day of "ksheyufootzoo meyinoshechu chutzah" by bringing simchas hachassidus to the world.

Shiurim said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, Actually I shut down my blog due to the fact that my Mashgiach called me over on my birthday and said that "We (Hanholo) have realized that lately you're not so put into your learning and so we finaly figured out that you're caught up in something else - meaning a blog" and so he said that "being that it's your bitrhday tonight, I think it would only be appropriate for you to make a Hachloto to totally get rid of your blog" And so you know, the 'Pintele Yid' then arose in me and I was Maskim to delete it, and sure enough, 2 days after that, the blog no longer existed!!!

Lucky Wolf said...

To: (Former) Author of Mesivtattl.
very inspiring. however on your blog it says that hanholo hacked it! it would be more inspiring if you wrote there what you wrote here so all can see and learn!

although it's not "my" birthdat that's arriving shortly but it's the birthday of "Gruntig" that will be soon. so i guess Gruntig as an independent entity would have to make a hachlatah. except I'm not sure how that works.

Anonymous said...

On the right is Yankel Greeenstein (I think).

Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

Reb Yossi Chitrick, Tzfas.

Lucky Wolf said...

r. y. chitrick wins 2 to 1. at least for now!