Saturday, January 20, 2007

News 12: Satmar Feud

Two Hasidic brothers fight over a Brooklyn synagogue.
This was broadcasted October 2006.


Anonymous said...

do you realize that they invited him into the tent to film their rebbe on yomtov!!!
that footage is from the last night of sukkos!

Lucky Wolf said...

i was wondering the same, especially with the interviewers. but maybe it was after Yom Tove already, after the zman. at least ill be dan lkav zechus.

A & C Walters said...

It was definatly after yom tof. it only starts a few minutes before motzei yom tof

Lucky Wolf said...

"it only starts a few minutes before motzei yom tov"
a few minutes? they have to wash before shkiah! but i guess your right because that is not a few minutes but its only about an hour, also from the darkness outside it looks like it already past tzais hakochavim, (i dont know about R"T's zman though)