Sunday, April 02, 2006

My First Cantoral Concert.

Last week was the first time I participated in a live Cantoral concert (no, I do not mean to say that I participated in the performance, (although maybe I should of, but that's for a different time), I mean to participate with the audience). I was not sure what to expect, I figured if I ever get too bored I'll just take the next subway back to Brooklyn.
it turned out to be a interesting and nice experience to say the least, especially since I did not pay for my ticket. Funny thing is, everybody I met there didn't either pay for their tickets to the point where I'm still trying to figure out who actually sponsored the event.

The concert was very different from the Avraham Fried concert which was just a few weeks ago (as recorded earlier in this blog). Some of the differences are: by the A.F. concert the average age was twenty and under, over here the average age was eighty and over! And secondly, instead of A.F. being on stage, he was in the audience.

A.F. presence at the concert wasn't really a shock to me, for his passion of Chazzanes is well known. I was a bit more surprised to see Matisyahu there, although he was actually there for only a few songs and left during the intermission.
A guy who bumped into him at the bathroom (not literately) said to him "hay, chop it down!? I though I was coming to a chazzanes concert!" Matisyahu smiled. The one who most surprised me was Chazzan Helfgot, I'm sure he enjoys chazzanes very much but who would have thunk he would come to a concert of his rival in Yaakov Shtark. It's sort of like if MBD would go to an A. Fried concert.
There where also some other Hasidic celebrities there including a few choshive Rosh Yeshivos, but being that I still hope to be sent out on shlichus next year, I'd rather not release their names.

With all those Jewish singers there, I almost wished they would all go on stage and take over the singing.
There were refreshments given out after the show to all those with a V.I.P. pass. I was really hungry so with the right connections I managed to get in and enjoy some sushi and chocolate.

Cantor Netanel Hershtik told someone during the V.I.P party that he was very nervous before the concert, but three days before the concert he went to the Rebbe's Ohel and has been very calm since, B"H.

I'm not sure I would attend a Cantoral concert again (unless I get a free ticket of course), if however there were to be a concert with Cantors Helfgot and Shtark performing together, without anybody else, then that would be something to look forward for. for "Helfgot" we know of, and "Shtark" is amazing. The problem with this concert was, they hardly allowed the guy to sing.

Canter Shtark speaking with fans after his performance.


Lucky Wolf said...

"My first Cantorial concert" - this could be the name of the new Sony Voice enhancer chip!"


it was in middle of night sader i would not pull u away from your favorite subject.

Anonymous said...

What do you know...? AF & MBD together in concert...

Lucky Wolf said...

but it's in manchester.

they were actually together in LA for purim, by Rechnitz, if anybody knows, and it was free too.

Anonymous said...

yea i've heard of Rechnitz, but usually its just a bunch of rejects.