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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Rabbi Pulls Microphone From Lipa

Photo Credit: Tzemach Glenn via the Yeshiva World.

Here is a video of Lipa Schmeltzer singing at a wedding and then what seems to be a premature ending to the music as Rabbi Avraham Schorr pulls away the microphone from Lipa (35-1:00). Lipa then says "Ehrliche Yidden zennen m'karev andere yidden" and then later on goes on to say " Ich bin yedem moichel ble'v shulem"

An association or the lack there of, with Rabbi Avraham Schorr and Lipa was first reported last year when the former together with Rabbi Asher Friedman organised and arranged many Rabonim to sign a ban against Lipa and the popular "Big Event" concert which as a result never took place.

However, i must make it clear that all i have is the video itself and what the author of the video wrote. The rest is all speculation. I personally was not there, nor have i spoken with anyone who was there, so i don't want to jump to any conclusions. You never know what really took place and we do not know what happened before the video began recording nor do we know what occurred after the conclusion of the recording.

Also note, although the video was just uploaded a few hours ago, i cannot confirm when this actually took place. It may have been last night and it could have been last year! All we have is the the video... so we report you decide! :-).

Here is a video of a shiur from Rav Avraham Schorr delivered around four and a half months ago, in which he describes how to respond to the recent financial crisis with major investment banks like Lehman Brothers, AIG and Meryll Lynch.

HT: Dixie Yid.


Anonymous said...

i was at the wedding it was last night in ateres chaya lipa showed up as a friend of the chossons father. the kallahs father davens by avrhom shorr. the chossons father told lipa 2 get up and sing which he did. at that point avrohom shorr went wild and started attacking lipa as can b seen in the video

Anonymous said...

i posted a comment before - please do not publish it.

Anonymous said...

I was there. It happened last night. Nothing but Beautiful dancing preceeded this horrible act. Publicly mivazeh a human being in front of 600 people!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the video?

Anonymous said...

ok , i dont know about anyone else but i cant tell a single thing from this video. it doesnt seem like rav schorr went wild at all. as a matter of fact, he proceeds to dance with the bochurim afterwords. im not sure what the big deal is really...assuming that he holds lipa is a leitz (something every yeshiva bochur has heard from his rebbeim long before the big event fiasco) then he is perfectly right for doing what he did. the only difference between rav schorr and all the rebbeim we have in yeshiva is that he has the guts to do something about it as opposed to all the rebbeim that tell their bochurim not to listen to lipa yet dont have the kishkas to actively do anything about the bizayon that is lipa.

Anonymous said...

whether he did or not, one thing I can tell you, whoever disrespects Harav Avrohom Schorr is going to pay a very hefty price, you follow your rov, but don't dare backhandedly dismiss people who worked hard on themselves to become holy.